Career Development

The Bahrain Bayan School has developed a Career Development Program for Middle and High School students. The Career Development team consists of key members of staff who help and guide students in career awareness through a series of hands on activities.

Students are advised in making academic and career plans through a series of different activities.This helps students and creates an awareness to make better choices in choosing courses based on their interest and strength and plan for life after graduation.


The program structure consists of:

  • Use of aptitude and achievement assessments to help students evaluate their interests, skills, and abilities
  • Guide students through making decisions about their careers, such as choosing the type of degree to pursue
  • Focus sessions on jobs, careers and occupations
  • Focus sessions on career paths
  • Use of INJAZ Bahrain in running activities such as Entrepreneurship Masterclass and iCamp
  • Use of AISEC Bahrain in running self-awareness, leadership, and entrepreneurship workshops
  • Presentations and job fair by representatives from Tamkeen and The Intelligent Majlis


The Career Development program is designed to provide students with career awareness, self development, and career decision making skills.