Student ID Card FAQs

ID cards were introduced during the academic year of 2016-2017 to help monitor safety and security of the students. ID cards were improved to be used as a payment method in the Cafeteria and the Uniform Shop. Attendance for secondary school was implemented and future enhancements will include the rest of the schools.


Frequently Asked Questions

- Which grade levels will have these cards?

ID cards will be distributed to grades 1 to 12

- Are these cards mandatory?

Yes, in efforts to preserve safety and security in school, all students must wear their ID cards at all times. Secondary school students will keep their ID cards with them and will bring them home, while Primary School students will have their ID cards kept in school and distributed every morning.

- Will canteen areas accept cash from students after distributing cards?

Canteen areas are allowed to accept cash.

- What will happen if a student did not wear or forgot his/her card?

Students in this case will receive a temporary badge that will be available in secretaries offices.

- What is the process of getting my kids’ cards ?

A form will be sent out to each student in school, which has to be filled and brought back with a one-time fee of BD15. The school will then distribute cards to students in classrooms according to the divisional principal’s instructions.

- What is the policy for lost cards ?

Students who lose their cards are to pay 7 BD to the school for us to issue a new card.

- How do we add money to our kids’ accounts ?

Topping up students accounts is done through our Cashier, who is available in the reception area of the admin building.
In the Primary Building, students/parents can add money to their children's accounts through the Building Secretary.

- Do I need to have my kids’ card with me to top up ?

No, the cashier will be able to top-up your kids’ accounts when you specify your name. Knowing your family ID or your kid’s ID is helpful but not necessary.

- How do I check my kids’ balance and transactions?

We will have the balance and transactions available on PowerSchool for each of the kids. Or you can contact the school through live chat to inquire about the balance.
A receipt will be printed after each transaction that parents can check.