Physical Education Coordinator's Welcome

       Mr. Jonny Clements

Message from the Head of Whole School Sport K-12

About me:

I was always destined to spend my life in sport. From the age of six, I spent most of my time in the family garden playing football and climbing trees. As a young boy, I was always at the local park playing football, cricket and rugby with my school friends. At fourteen, I found squash, and my love for the game has never stopped! In 2006, I decided to end my professional squash career and train at Birmingham University to be a Physical Education (PE) teacher. Once qualified (with an Ofsted Outstanding PE classification) I taught PE for three years in Birmingham respectively. In 2010, I progressed to my first Head of PE position in the UK. It was in 2014 that I decided to leave the UK and become an international private school Director of Sport. Consequently, I have now been a Director of Sport in three private international schools (Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Germany).

At Present and Into the Future at BBS


In 2020, I came to Bahrain and BBS as the new Head of Whole School Sport K -12, albeit amidst the Covid-19 pandemic! Understandably, I’m now looking forward to the 2022-23 school year so that I can lead the BBS PE Dept into an era without the restrictions of a Covid-19 virtual PE curriculum. My aim now is to channel my department’s passion and knowledge of physical education to:

Deliver an all-encompassing PE curriculum that challenges all students to become lifelong physical learners
Educate the next generation on how to live a healthy active lifestyle for the future
Create successful and competitive school sports teams with a two-pronged focus: achieving a high level of success domestically in Bahrain and representing local talent internationally through junior sports competitions

Stay tuned and join us on our journey as we bring on exciting new changes to all sport-related events at BBS! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me using my email below.

Thank you,

Jonny Clements
[email protected]