Get Involved

Students are always excited to see their parents or Bayan alumni giving back to their school. This gives them further motivation to get involved within their school's community and acativities. 

How can you participate?

Annual Events
The success of our annual Bayan events is due to the collaboration of the Bayan school community members. Parents and guardians are always welcome to support our organizers during annual events.

. Support can be by:

  • Sponsoring the event (through financial donations)
  • Prizes donations
  • Participation in the event (a food or products stand)

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Getting involved includes donating your time and effort towards contributing to our students education.
Activities to participate in can include:

  • Participation in Book Week and by reading to students
  • Demonstrating your career to students of different grade levels. This can be part of Career Day for preschool and primary school, and part of the Career Development program for High School.
  • Be a guest speaker.
  • Use your career for the benefit of students (i.e. a dentist can visit the school and check students' teeth)

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Make a Donation
Being a non-profit institute, financial donations and contributions have always been part of enhancing and developing our campus and facilities. You can be part of our community donors who help in building up our institution. If you are interested in supporting Bayan, please visit Contact us page or Request more info.