About Bahrain Bayan School


Heritage and History
The Bahrain Bayan School (BBS), established in 1982 by Dr. May Al Otaibi and Mrs. Kathleen Acher
Kaiksow, is an independent, national, non-profit, co-educational, bilingual school in Arabic and
English, for Kindergarten - Gr. 12 students. It is accredited and licensed by the Bahrain Ministry of
Education, under the Bahrain Government law, accredited by The Middle States Association of
Colleges and Schools (MSA) and by the Bahrain Education & Training Quality Authority (BQA) as an
“outstanding” School.

School Mission
Following school’s mission*, the primary target for all efforts and numerous strategic teams have
aligned their efforts and plans to actualize the mission. The school relies on very strong strategic
planning processes with involvement of the community. Also, the Board makes every effort to
allocate abundant resources to develop areas identified as priorities.


Bahrain Bayan School has successfully provided students in the Kingdom of Bahrain with an
innovative, dynamic, and superior international curriculum and bilingual education. This has
empowered them to discover new pathways and to confidently become internationally minded
citizens in a challenging, ever-changing, and highly technological world. Consequently, the students’
overall performance on internal and external measures is outstanding with exceptionally high grades
and proficiency rates.
Bayan students’ proudly possess a high passing rate on external IB exams, outstanding college
admissions acceptances at top universities, and proudly boasts a long list of Bayan Crown Prince
Scholar recipients. The notable student achievements in our extracurricular programs are a few of
the many examples of extraordinary performance outcomes that consistently demonstrate Bayan
School’s effectiveness as a world class, exemplary bi-lingual school.

Curriculum Review
Starting in 2013-2014, a curriculum review cycle was introduced to BBS to ensure a regular rigorous
review and renewal of curriculum in terms of purpose, articulation, planning and resourcing.

Systems and Infrastructure
State-of-the-art improvements have been initiated for the delivery of a seamless and equitable
Professional Learning program for faculty and staff linked to the Strategic Plan, school improvement,
and staff appraisal. Student health and behaviour programs, and the highest standards of student safety procedures and infrastructure, including an elaborate CCTV system, have been implemented
while the extensive renovation and further development of our facilities and physical plant has also

Recent Awards
EcoLab 360: Bahrain Bayan School proudly won 1 st  place project in the prestigious UAE’s Zayed
Sustainability Prize in 2017 along with many other international well-known awards.

School Community - Parents
The School Board and Administration continuously strive to involve parents in the events of the
School either through participation in regular activities (parent-teacher conferences, individual
parent meetings, and school activities, etc.) or serving on planning committees for the development
of the school’s Strategic Plan and MSA accreditation process. Parents also participate in inaugurating
some of the School’s events.

School Community – Board Members
The School’s Board consists of a Board of Trustees and a Board of Directors who are responsible for
overseeing the functioning of the school and taking the necessary decisions and actions. The Board
has sub-committees, Education Committee and Finance and Audit Committee that works closely with
the School’s departments. We would like to thank the Board Members for their active engagement
as they are the driving factor which has made the Bayan School what it is today.


Bayan Care
The Bayan Care Insurance Plan is now free of charge. This scheme covers student’s tuition fees (at
any point until graduation) in case a student’s legal guardian passes away or has a permanent total
disability through an accident or due to sickness, and therefore wouldn't be able to pay for the
student’s tuition fees. The Finance department are to bear all costs associated with the “Bayan Care
Plan”, effective immediately.

Bayan on Call – 33244244
A supervisor assigned by the school is to be present on Campus on a daily basis from 2:00pm -
9:00pm. This is to ensure the security of students along as provide parents a point of contact in case
of emergencies or inquiries regarding after school activities, forgotten items, etc.

Bayan Live Chat
Bayan School offers a fast online Live Chat communication system provided to its Bayan Community.
It is available live during working hours as well as offline through instant messages.

Online Payment Portal

We provide an online payment method in addition to the existing process to improve the receivables
and increase operational efficiency and accuracy in bookkeeping. We aim to reach the parents’
comfort and satisfaction.

ERM Bookstore
The Educational Resources and Materials bookstore started operating September 2019. It is
constructed to streamline the distribution of student textbooks and related materials of grades 1 to

Modernized Education System

Bayan School App
The Bahrain Bayan School Phone Application is currently on its completion stages. We are working
closely with the IT Department on introducing a fully functional BBS phone application to ease
communication with students and parents.

AlRomaihi Innovation Hub
The Al Romaihi Innovation Hub is a community-centered learning workspace that stimulates
creativity and innovation. The Bayan School community and even the general public, will have the
opportunity to explore and invent products using the facilities in the Innovation Hub. The Innovation
Hub consists of the Maker Space that includes CNC machines, 3D printers, and Laser cutters; Robotics
Lab expanded to VEX; Multimedia Studio; and Learning Commons.
Also, an extensive digital library from four international databases are readily available for
everyone’s perusal. Each class in the Primary building will be provided with “Maker Space Tools Set”
that will offer the students a unique hands-on experience of technological and scientific activities.
Texas Instrument Training
The Bahrain Bayan School is now a proud Texas Instruments Training Center, training teachers from
the region in using the TI in math, science, and STEM education.

Life Skills Courses
Life-Skills subjects are provided to ensure that our students are well-rounded individuals that give
back to their society. Courses include: home economics, carpentry, design technology, cooking, and
clay sculpting.

School-Wide Advancements

(UAE’s Zayed Sustainability Prize 1 st Place Winning Project 2017)
EcoLab 360 is an educational platform that involves a greywater and food waste recycling systems
that is connected to the School Canteen on campus. The platform also aims to educate student

about sustainable practices and technology, which revolve around five key pillars which include:
reduce, reuse, recycle, raise awareness, and renewable energy.

Bin Faqeeh Zakat Al Elm Building
The School is working on building a new project, the Bin Faqeeh Zakat Al Elm Building that will
encompass a Library for the Middle and High School, a Music Hall, an Art Hall, an Exam Hall as well as
a Cafeteria for the Bayan Community.

Bahrain Hall and  Bayan Hall Renovations
We are working on restructuring the Bayan and Bahrain Halls into one huge multi-purpose hall that
can fit up to 1500 people.

New Preschool Campus
Dr. May Bint Sulaiman Al Otaibi (Bahrain Bayan School) is the new state of the art “green” Preschool
building, built on international standards, that offers quality education and instill discipline in
toddlers in an eco-friendly learning environment, thereby shaping the minds of future generations.

In-House Doctors
Highly acclaimed, Dr. Jameela Al Nooh and Dr. Zainab Qambar (Preschool) are focused on providing
the highest level of attentiveness on improving the children’s overall health and well-being in
addition to providing regular health awareness sessions for our Bayan Community which includes
students, parents and staff.

Increased Safety and Security
Introduction of new ID cards during school year of 2016-2017 to help monitor safety and security of
the students. ID cards were improved to be used as a payment method in the Cafeteria and the
Uniform Shop. Future enhancements include using the ID cards as attendance cards as well.

Bahrain Bayan School will always thrive to cater more one-of-a-kind initiatives to offer the top
experiences and education for its community. Stay tuned for more surprises!

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