Ask HR

As an initiative to familiarize and explain to our fellow faculty and staff members the different policies, procedures and employee related clauses from the labor law, the HR will be circulating an HR related question along with its answer on a regular basis.


1. What is my medical leave entitlement per year?

Medical leave entitlement is:  15 days paid leave

    20 days half pay

    20 days unpaid

All medical leaves exceeding one day must be supported by a medical certificate. 


2. What is the maternity leave entitlement?

A female employee shall be entitled to maternity leave on full pay for 60 calendar days.


3. What is the feeding hour entitlement post maternity leave?

A female employee shall have the right, after expiry of her confinement period and until her child is six months old, two hours as suckle/feeding time. Further she shall have the right to take one rest hour until her child is one year old. 


4. What is the Paternity Leave entitlement?

A male employee shall be entitled for one day leave for the birth of his child.


5. What is contingency leave?

Employees are entitled for 3 days paid leave for personal emergencies. The days will be deducted from their accumulated medical days. Contingency leave requests must be justified and approved by the line manager and supported by documents, if required.


6. How many days am I entitled for Compassionate Leave for death of a relative?

An employee is permitted to three (3) consecutive calendar days paid leave in the event of death of relations up to the 4th degree and (3) consecutive calendar days leave in the event of death of spouse's relative up to 2nd degree in accordance with Death of Relative Chart.


7. What is Iddah Leave?

A Muslim female worker shall have the right to one month leave on full pay if her husband dies. She shall also be entitled to complete the death Eddah from her annual leave for three months and ten days. If she does not have annual leave balance, she shall be entitled to leave without pay.


8. Hajj leave?

A Muslim employee who has served for a continuous period of 5 years shall have the right to leave on full pay for 14 working days to perform his pilgrimage obligation. Such leave shall be granted once to the worker during his service period.


9. What is the entitlement for Marriage Leave?

An employee is entitled for 3 days marriage leave once during his/her service. One return from the leave, the employee must fill the leave request form and attach the Marriage Certificate. 


10. Are bank guarantee letters provided by the HR Department?

No, all bank guarantee letters or other letters addressed to banks are issued by the Business Office. 


11. How can I get a copy of my pay slip?

Request to Business Office. 


12. Are service letters issued by the HR Department?

Yes, general service letters are issued by the HR Department. 


13. How can I get an Embassy Letter to issue a visa?

Embassy letters are issued by the HR Department through the general HR request form.


14. How is attendance monitored?

Attendance is monitored through the fingerprint Bio star system. All employees are required to sign in and out every day. Employees facing issues signing in should manually register their attendance in the registration book. 


15. If I have a good candidate, can I pass his/her profile to HR?

Yes, HR encourages referrals. 


16. How long is the probationary period?

New joiners are assessed through a 3 months probationary period. Employment will be confirmed on successful completion of the period. 


17. What is the notice period for resignation during the probationary period?

Either of the parties may terminate a contract of Employment during the probationary period if it becomes evident that its continuance is not suitable, provided that the party terminating the contract must give at least one day's notice to the other party.  


18. When do I get the December salary?

Due to the winter break, December salary is transferred with November salary.


19. When do I get the July salary?

July salary will be transferred with June salary.


20. When do I get the August salary?

August salary will be paid during September for renewed contracts and with June salary for non-renewals.


21. Who can assist me in applying for visit visa for family?

The HR Department's government relations services can assist staff in applying for family visit visas. However, all expenses associated must be borne by the employee.