Bayan Board of Directors

"Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart."

Elizabeth Andrew

It is always our duty to pause and express our sincere appreciation and thanks to those who constantly donate their time and effort to make the school rise above and beyond all expectations.

Our Board of Directors members take from their personal time and effort to ensure excellence in our educational institution.

Members of Board of Directors

Dr. May Al Otaibi
Mr. Mohamed Al Khateeb
Vice Chairperson
Mr. Faeq Mandeel
Vice Chairperson
Mr. Abdul Rahman Morshed
Board Member
Ms. Dina Murad
Board Member
Ms. Maha Al Zamil
Board Member
Shaikha Aseel Al Khalifa
Head of Education Committee
Mr. Mohammed Abdul Khaleq
Head of Finance Committee
Dr. Bashar Ahmadi
Head of Projects and Facilities Committee
Mr. Faisal Shehab
Board Member
Mr. Jasim Shirawi
Board Member
Ms. Nouf Al Sowaidi
Board Member
Mr. Hazem Mubarak
Board Member