Health Campaign

We are eager to welcome our highly acclaimed nutritionist, Mrs. Hala Tajrine who shall focus on providing opportunities to improve children's overall health and well-being through increased adult role-modelling, peer to peer interactions, and the teaching of mealtime etiquette. We are happy to announce that our "Nutritional Health Awareness Campaign" shall be implemented within the 2015-2016 academic school year. 

The Dietitian's role in coordination with various counselors and school staff, will tackle many aspects of the school life. Our four main core modules will be the basis of our Nutrition Campaign. In which, we are hoping that a healthy lifestyle will shine upon our lovely community!

Until present, Our dietitian was involved in a number of activities within the school, educating our students in the importance of healthy eating and selecting the right type of meals. Her success is already visible by the comment above from one of the parents. Her efforts have received positive response from parents and students and she will continue to implement the changes as we move ahead to hear more success stories from others here at Bayan.

Our Healthy Community Campaign also includes Bayan on Call program, and Nutritionist on Site. Click below to learn more.