Q & A

Below are some of the questions we often hear while prospective parents and students are in
the process of choosing the best school. If you have additional questions please feel free to
contact our Admission's Office:

- What are the requirements for admission to Bahrain Bayan School ?

To be eligible for application to Bayan school, applicants must:
1. Complete an application form
2. Submit the required documents:
     - Copy of the Birth Certificate
     - Copy of Passport and CPR
     - Copy of Immunization Records
     - Previous School Reports
     - Two Passport Size Photographs
     - Parents’ Resume with Passport Size Photographs
     - Copy of Parents CPR
3. Pay application fee of BD 50

- When does the admission process start?

The Admissions Office starts receiving applications in November every year.

- Is there a priority list for any of applicants?

The criteria for acceptance is based on:

  • Availability of seats
  • Age requirements as established by the Bahrain Ministry of Education
  • Students’ assessment scores
  • Overall performance
  • Behavior of the student

- What is the application deadline?

Registration will open from November 1, 2023 to November 8, 2023 for the Academic Year 2024 - 2025!

Admissions is open for all grade levels (Very limited seats available in certain grades).

Kindly note that late registrations do not guarantee your child a seat; your child will be called for assessment once a seat is available.

- Does my child need an entrance test for admission?

  • Yes, all applicants are assessed for only Arabic, English, and Math. Methods of
    assessments vary for each level grade.

- What is the fee structure of the school?

Please visit our Tuition Fees page for more information.

- What should be my child's age in-order to acquire admission in Preschool?

For the Academic Year 2024 - 2025, applicants must be born in 2020 to apply for KG1.

- How many students are there in each classroom?

Classrooms usually accommodate for an average of 20 to 24 students.