Campus Map

  • Staff Parking

    A designated parking lot for our students.

  • Middle School

    Middle School's main building. Ranging from the following: Grade 6 - Grade 8.


  • Secondary School

    Secondary school's main building. Ranging from the following: Grade 9 - Grade 10.

  • High School

    High School's main building. Ranging from the following: Grade 11 - Grade 12.

  • Science Building

    Bahrain Bayan School is currently in the process of building a new Science building, with three additional fully equipped science labs. In addition to a dedicated lab specifically for the Robotic curriculum, marking Bayan school as the first school in Bahrain to have a functional Robotics Lab. The building is expected to be in use starting the Academic Year 2016-2017.

  • Gym

    The gym was created in 2001, and by 2013, in addition to a professional lighting system that has been added to our indoor gym. It is now considered to be one of the largest amongst the schools in the Kingdom. Within the indoor multipurpose gym, many sports machines have been added to make it a destination for both students and facutly members.

  • The Bayan Hall

    The Bayan Hall is the school's main theater. This multi purpose hall is mainly used for stage performances because of its grand stage which is fully equiped with performance lighting sound and computerized stage curtains. The stage has a drop down panel for presentations making it the ideal location for large informational sessions. While the large space has been frequently used for setting up large testing sessions .


  • Football Field

    The birth of our field started in 1995, this is when our football field was first initiated. The field was primarily made up of sand in our early years. Where we had our first artificial grass field in 2013.

  • Cafeteria

    The cafeteria has been used to serve students, faculty and staff for many years . The food preperation area and large seating area has been utilized for yearly faculty luncheons and other gatherings as well. With the construction of the new science building the school has designated a second cafeteria that will serve as an exclusive area for the higher grade levels in secondary school.

  • Mosque

    Since its opening in 2012, the Mosque has been viewed by all as a vital and central spot in the Bayan community. It was generously donated by the Al Otaibi Family and has proven to be one of the campus jewels. The Bayan School  mosque is divided in to two prayer rooms, one for girls and one for boys , both equibed with a wash area at each entrance.

  • Admin Building

    Main building of our Admin staff.

  • Library

    Bayan's library is the center of information and knowledge, as it gathers more than 40,000 resources in both Arabic and English. With constant enhancements and developments, the library is now center for various activities including Teacher Orientation sessions,  Book Fairs, student project fairs , among many others. Bayan's library also includes a computer lab that is used by many teachers in different subjects to help their students search and complete projects, in addition to holding MAPs testing sessions and other  computerized testing sessions.

  • Seating Area

    Seating area for students.

  • Primary School

    Primary School’s main building. Ranging from the following: Grade 1 - Grade 5.

  • Otaibi Hall

    From a generous donation by Dr. May and Ms.Haifa Al Otaibi; the Al Otaibi Building was completed in 2012. In whcih, the hall is mainly used for Physical Education activities of our Preschool and Primary students. The building also serves as a multipurpose venue for several school events such as the General Assembly, KG2 Annual Graduation, and many other important gatherings.

  • Primary School 1

    Preschool’s main building. Ranging from the following: Nursery, KG1, and KG2.

  • Student Parking

    A designated parking lot for our faculty and stuff members.

  • Gate 1

    A playground designated for our Preschool students.

  • Playground

    Main gate for staff memebers and guests.

  • Gate 2

    Main gate for students parking lot.

  • Gate 3

    Students parking lot - exit gate.

  • Gate 6

    Back - gate.

  • Gate 4

    Back - gate.