Inspirational Bahraini Citizen Event

The First Annual Inspirational Bahraini Citizen Event is an opportunity for students to get exposed to examples of Bahraini citizens whom worked hard to reach their goals and aspirations.

The event is a starting point for the coming five years events that will host symbols of well-rounded Bahraini citizens. These figures are creative, successful, humble, and disciplined individuals who are generous to the community and convey through their paths of excellence the Bahraini 2030 vision.

This year, the Bahrain Bayan School is honored to have Mr. AbdulHakeem AlKhayyat, Chairman  of Kuwait Finance House to share with students the journey he took to reach where he is today and the experiences he went through to craft his personality and career.

As always, the Bahrain Bayan School seeks various opportunities to enrich the students with knowledge and skills that will help them throughout their educational and social endeavors.