Protocols for Reopening 2020-2021

Dear Bayan Community,

We are pleased to announce that we will be opening our campus gates again to welcome our new and returning students on the 6th of September, 2020.

To execute a cautiously phased and safe campus reopening for our students, Bahrain Bayan School has designed a comprehensive academic program that blends best practices for virtual, hybrid, and physical models of teaching and learning using a robust and advanced technology infrastructure, stringent safety measures that include appropriate physical distancing, cohort group rotations and a careful management of movements around campus to support the learning experience in a safe and productive environment. Throughout this process of preparation and implementation, our decisions have been guided by the Government Executive Committee, The National Task Force for combating COVID-19 and the Ministry of Education with an emphasis on 3 key priorities:

  1. The health and safety of our students and their families, our employees and their families, and our local community.
  2. Providing an excellent academic and community experience for all our students.
  3. Preserving flexibility to adjust to any changes in pandemic conditions as health and safety requirements allow or dictate.

In designing our academic program for the Academic Year 20/21, we remain appreciative of the continuous and highly commended support, full engagement and thorough feedback received from our Parents in response to our emergency shift to virtual teaching and learning during the second semester. With a full learning strategy in place and a structured operational plan of return, we are confident in our upcoming School academic and operational framework which incorporates many of the enhancements, safety measures and subject offerings that were recommended, including regular synchronous class meeting opportunities, a return to a more rigorous grading system, and, undoubtedly, maintaining the current standard of regular communication with families.As a School Administration, we are proud to witness that, despite the challenges we hand in hand overcame as a Community, the transition to virtual learning has given our Learning and Teaching teams the opportunity to design, rethink, and build courses that can be delivered in-person or on-line and leverage the school’s learning system for active learning.

During this period, our dedicated and hardworking Faculty have adapted to the new technologies and requirements by collaborating with their Principals, Department Heads, their fellow colleagues and the Educational Technology team to establish the best and highest standards of excellence for student engagement, differentiation and assessment.

Finally, an electronic version of this booklet will be distributed to all Government and Private schools in Bahrain and the Gulf states. You are welcome to share this with your organization and we would appreciate if you could credit the Bahrain Bayan School.

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