Letter Addressed to Alumni

Dear Bahrain Bayan School Alumni,


In recent days, we all have seen the rapid and continued spread of the COVID-19 around the world, and how it has affected many countries.  We have also witnessed the closures of educational institutions and the transfer of learning to virtual schooling. The Bahrain Bayan School community would like to make sure that our Alumni are safe and have the correct information to take the necessary action based on where they are studying.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has called on all Bahraini citizens abroad to register and update their personal information through the Wejhaty. The app is available on the App Store for IOS devices and on Google Play for Android. The application also provides citizens abroad with important updates and information from Bahraini embassies around the world. 


The following are the contact for the Bahrain Embassy in:


Country                                     Phone #                                                 Registration                                             Twitter


Belgium:                                   (+32) 4770-71707                                  Register on Wejhaty                               @BahrainEmbBE                                                                        (+32) 4967-58856


France:                                     (+33) 7-8081-7548                                 Register on Wejhaty                               @BahrainEmbFR


Germany:                                (+49) 17226-36322                                 Register on Wejhaty                               @BahrainEmbDE

                                                 (+49) 16220-73710


Italy:                                        (+39) 3396-571666                                 Register on Wejhaty                               @BahrainembIT

                                                (+39) 0645-499686


Switzerland:                          (+41) 2275-89648                                    Register on Wejhaty                               @BahrainMsnCH


UAE:                                      (+971) 266-57500                                    Register on Wejhaty                                @BahrainEmbUAE


UK:                                         (+44) 207-201-9170                                Citizens in the UK must                            @BahrainEmbUK

                                               (+44) 208-106-1763                                register HERE and on Wejhaty


USA:                                      (+1)-202-342-111                                    Register on Wejhaty                                    @BahrainEmbDC

& Canada                              NY: (+1) 929-319-9489

                                               NY: (+1) 929-284-5004



For further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us Bahrain Bayan School’s Live Chat found on the website, or through email: [email protected].


Stay Safe!


Bahrain Bayan School