Grade 10 Science Fair

Under the patronage of H.E. Dr. Sh. Saqer Bin Salman Al Khalifa and in the presence of the
Chairperson of the Board of Trustees, Dr.Shaikha May Al Otaibi and many dignitaries, the Grade 10 Science fair was inaugurated. The students presented fantastic Inventions and working models ranging from creating a Robot to create a record in the game Stack, the beverage that causes the most tooth decay to Eye dominance affecting hand eye coordination, and Factors affecting the characteristics of a wave.

Of special mention is the outstanding project demonstrating how pressure can be used for transport. The focus of this year’s projects was on
21 st century skills including critical thinking and problem solving. Projects revolved around one of the aspects of the Bahrain Bayan School theme of Sustainability for the year and integration of technology using the Innovation Hub, which is the first of its kind in Bahrain. .