MS STEM field trips

As part of the newly implemented Middle School STEM program, our students have been learning the applications of science, math, technology and engineering in various settings. All students in grades 6,7 and 8 had a STEM class each week. As part of the hands on experience that Bayan strongly believes in, our dear middle school students ( grades 6-8) began learning about a particular problem that the world is facing as an environmental challenge. To widen their understanding, the different grades went on field trips to see STEM in real life applications and situations. Grade 6, who is working on water quality was able to see the Reverse Osmosis water treatment and processing at the US Navy Base in Juffair. The students were able to see a real life working water system similar to the models that they have been creating in class. 
Grade 7, who is working on air quality visited APM Terminals and the shipping port, where they learnt about APM Terminals responsibility and regulations for air quality and water cleanup. 
Grade 8 students who are studying the sea life and environment of the coral reefs and the destruction of their habitat around Bahrain visited an innovative bahraini business - Reef Arabia where they had a presentation on marine environment and went on to make their own artificial reefs to help restore the biodiversity in Bahrain’s waters.