Inspirational Bahraini Citizen Event

The Bahrain Bayan School was honored to have had HE Sh Mohammed Bin Khalifa Bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, Minister of Oil, to inspire and motivate the students to look outside the known fields of study and challenge themselves in chemical engineering as well as other majors that could lead the the field of Oil and petrochemicals. This visit was the 2nd annual Inspirational Bahraini Citizen Event- a unique opportunity for students to get exposed to examples of Bahraini citizens whom worked hard to reach their goals and aspirations. These figures are creative, successful, humble, and disciplined individuals who are generous to the community and convey through their paths of excellence towards the Bahraini 2030 vision. As always, the Bahrain Bayan School seeks various opportunities to enrich the students with knowledge and skills that will help them throughout their educational and social endeavours to serve their beloved Kingdom.