Bayan Care

Welcome to the new Academic Year 2018-2019!

We appreciate your decision in choosing and entrusting The Bahrain Bayan School to deliver premium education to your children. As a parent, you have made a significant investment in your child’s education and as a Non-Profit Institution, we understand our responsibility to provide exceptional educational experiences to our students and instill humanitarian values and global perspectives that enable them to discover pathways and thrive as national and global citizens in a challenging and changing world.

Our aim is to provide outstanding education and innovative and dynamic learning environment through our continues efforts to upgrade the curriculum and academic programs, advance the digital learning across the campus and enrich the high caliber faculty and staff members among others.

We continue to develop state-of-the-art facilities and educational resources, improve the safety and security measures and expand the internal and external practices and services for our Bayan Community.

As continues efforts to upgrade our safety and security to our students, we are delighted to inform The Bahrain Bayan School will provide “Bayan Care Plan” to all our students without insurance premium starting from the academic year 2018-2019.

Bayan Care Plan is “parent/ legal guardian’s insurance” that covers the students’ tuition fees (at any point until graduation) in case if the student’s legal guardian passed away or got permanent total disability through accident or sickness.

We kindly request you to provide us with the legal guardian CPR copy in order to enroll your child/children in the Insurance Plan.

Note: If the student’s legal guardian is 65 years or above, kindly note that medical examination will be required and the student will be enrolled according to the insurance company’s decision.  

We wish you a prosperous Academic Year ahead!

Thank you.

Our Healthier Community Campaign also includes Bayan on Call program, and Nutritionist on Site. Click below to learn more.

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