Mission, Vision, and Core Values



Bahrain Bayan School provides students with a comprehensive bilingual education, rooted in Arab identity and Bahraini culture. We develop internationally minded students with confidence in their abilities who embrace their responsibilities as national and global citizens.


Bahrain Bayan School is a renowned bilingual, coeducational school offering an innovative and dynamic international curriculum resulting in outstanding teaching and learning, and preparing students for higher education. Our vibrant learning community is enriched by a distinguished faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, rich resources and collaboration. We instill humanitarian values and a global perspective that enables students to discover pathways and to thrive as citizens in a challenging and changing world.

Mission Outcomes  

By 2019,

  1. Each student will make positive and active contributions to their community.
  2. Each student will be discovering and pursuing his/her unique abilities.
  3. An increased number of students will demonstrate proficiency in our adopted curricular standards.


Our core values are to embrace differences, know that learning is essential, understand that we must learn to give, believe in transperancy and commitment, and that all people have inherent value and dignity.